Up Your Optimism Index



Most conversations don’t get the best out of us, because we tend to generate, or proffer, the humdrum. We also, as a rule, don’t distil every aspect of a given situation to make sense of it. We are simply obsessed with stray thoughts. The irony is — the more gripped one is with drifting thoughts, the more inclined one is to repeat, not reinvent, them. This is the foundation of stressful feelings — because, what we don’t do naturally is a latent trigger for stressful distress. This is also the ‘real-life’ version of sitcoms— where every backdrop replicates a previous occurrence, notwithstanding their continuity.

It is not just human nature, but also predisposition, to be fixated with a past event, thanks to a certain angst that we harbour — more so, because we are all ‘iced up’ to the future. This is, perhaps, a reflection of our internal fears — that something can happen to upset the applecart of our life, career, health and well-being. It exemplifies the Freudian element — of dreams, apprehensions and frustrations. What we ‘clutch’ is what we emote. This, therefore, has a sustained bearing in our conversations and also interactions — be it with our family, or the workplace.

Our negative feelings, as all of us know, ‘seize’ and ‘throttle’ our positive thoughts. Harmony cannot exist in a vacuum. It cannot also percolate to all comers when our heart is beset with trepidation. A critical mass of negativity is a bait — it ‘snaps’ our mental focus and emotional resolve. It attracts amplified negative energy for us to carp about. The outcome — we allow ourselves to be engulfed in the vortex of negativity, with no light at the end of the tunnel. There is just no use in mulling over the past, or the present, or looking at future events with a crystal ball. The best thing to do is to shrug your shoulders, hold your head high, move on, and just get ahead in life — no matter the troubles that may loom to quiver the ground beneath your feet, like the scary situation we are all in today, the ‘corona horribilis.’

When negativity gets into the skin of our thoughts, the consequences are confounding — it not only affects our emotional well-being, it also impinges on our physical well-being. All it takes to reverse the pattern is a new perspective — the ability to face the world by taking a fresh ‘guard,’ like an in-form Test batsman, even after he has notched up a sparkling century. Remember — it is your attitude that celebrates your identity. It is your personalised rainbow synthesis that splashes colour into your life and world. It holds a canvas — the passion to live in the present-moment.

When you begin to live in the present-moment, you will understand yourself better. You will evolve — you will grow. You will also be able to see the universe in a blade of grass, not the woods. What actually prevents most of us from being witness to present-moment reality are our countless responsibilities and imparting far too much importance to everything, without setting priorities, or brooding over past events and looking at what is in store — with animated foreboding.

This is where not outgrowing one’s childhood holds the magic wand. When kids read, or are told, a fairy tale, they progress with a clear invocation. It breaks their spell of anger and dejection. This is the power of the surreal — it is captivating. We’d, likewise, use another enchanting ‘charm’ — the famous quip of legendary Hollywood comedian Oliver Hardy, but with a different ‘take.’ “I got into this mess. I will get out of it.” The spell will now fall short, because your mind is compellingly aroused to break it.

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